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Honor Thy Parents (Word Learning)

Hi family, its late night, I am trying to settle my thoughts and mind with a little tv and video games, as I have mentioned I am a schizophrenic and the sound of the tv for me helps me tolerate it.

During this, I found a fun WLTOP idea, and I am sharing it below.

In all of our studying the 10 commandments, in all of the different forms, versions, and meanings.

Honor thy parents can be one of the most fun.

A thought came to me about the Bible and Tanakh’s family member “Eve”.

In my effort to do a bit of honoring I decided to research a little language based upon the name and share it here.

To start with my findings, the name “Eve” is pronounced the same way as the sound “Eef” and also “Eev”.

Eef could possibly be one of the older forms.

The main purpose of this study I am sharing is to be honorable to our Parent(s).

Let me show you something that explains a bit about how “Eve” got her name.

“Eve” in a connection of Hebrew and English has a loose meaning of “Oh Here”.
(You possibly have heard a verse using this phrase in the Bible).

In Turkish the word for Father is what is called an anagram of the Hebrew, in Turkish it is “Baba” and the Hebrew word for Father is “Abba”.

“Eef” (Eve) is a part of this translation.

The roots mean that the name “Eve” has definition within Turkish and Hebrew.

A Hebrew connection is “Oh Here”.

A Turkish connection is “Th-ee F-ather”.

The major evidence to simplify this, is that the sound Eve (Eef) becomes a root of the Turkish words for Thee Father (Baba), and the Hebrew word for Father is Abba.

Havva (Eve) is closely connected again to the Hebrew word for Father “Abba” and then again connected to its Turkish form “Baba”.

The Avva in Havva sounds similar to “Abba”.
(Pronunciations are connections in languages translated)

What I learned from this research, is that the name “Eve” in the Bible is made from the word “Father” or the description “Parent”.

❤ I hope you enjoyed sharing this study with me ❤
❤ Have a great night family ❤
❤ It was fun to mix studying with honoring a parent ❤

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