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Eternal Quest Online (Halloween Raffle)

Hi Sibs and Ancs, it’s not yet Halloween day, or night, but it is Halloween month and since I am going to do a Halloween post here at WLTOP on Halloween probably with a prayer I decided to do a Halloween raffle tonight.

The raffle was held in the online video game called “Eternal Quest”.

The game can be gotten from the Google Play store for mobile, or for PC using the Steam program.

For tonight’s raffle, I had 200,000 gold coins.

100,000 gold coins is enough to buy either a pet or a VIP feature that lets the player automatically collect treasure.

So, I decided to split the 200k gold coins into two winners of 100k gold coins.

As with the usual raffles I do in video games to spread the love we do at WLTOP I said that for the first two participants to say in chat “We Love The Oldest Parents” they would win 100,000 gold.

The raffle took near a half hour because tonight was a little slow, but we finally had two people participate who seemed rather happy to get the 100k gold as a gift.

Eternal Quest is a fun online role-playing game with what I think is many Spanish speakers and also English speakers. The game features multiple language compatibility, you can choose which language to play the game in, however multiplayer chat is mixed between the players of different languages.

I am glad this event was a success and am very happy to have spread a little love in our entertainment of video games.

Including the Oldest Parents in our holiday of Halloween feels great.

I hope you all have a great week, and I am planning to make a fun WLTOP post early Halloween so feel free to join.

I will post the links to Eternal Quest below if you would like to play or peek at it.

Click Here For Eternal Quest Mobile

Click Here For Eternal Quest On PC

As you see above, Eternal Quest is holding a double experience gain event for Halloween.

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