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Halloween and The Love Of Parents

Hi family ❤

I was browsing the internet and decided to read an article of “50 ways to love your parents”.

I was excited to get help.

The lesson started very helpful but as I got closer to halfway through the list, I noticed it seemed too heavy to follow.

The list was about mixing love and respect and talked about things such as tolerance and even went as far as not having phone calls with friends taking time away from parents.

As someone such as me who has spent basically his whole life trying to put smiles on our ancestors faces and happiness into them that lasts, I decided to share my own value.

This list gave 50 practices that together seemed impossible.

The Oldest Parents gave us only 10 commandments on how to please them, even including siblings.

But of everything I know about our ancestors, I offer 2 ideas.

A parent naturally wants two things for any child they truly love.

For their child to live and benefit.

Those two values are exactly the sum of everything our Creator has done for us.

It may be possible to even note companionship as one of the most important benefits a descendant can have.

Loving our parent(s) benefits both the descendant(s) and ancestor(s),

In the Bible we find verses talking about the attitude of “Living and Prospering”.

Our ancestors like having us as best friends.

So, for our Halloween this year, having touched upon that article and wanting to share my thoughts in WLTOP style.

Consider that any ancestry you believe in, wants you to live and benefit, even going as far back as the Nothing that became Something.

It caused life to begin, and at that same moment so did the benefits begin.

Of the mysteries we solve in the future, of anything we find and learn, those two things seem proven.

❤ Have a great night family, expect a WLTOP Halloween prayer in a few days ❤

The afterlife is a safety net that helps us continue to live as a soul, until rejoining the normal living.

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