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Happy Halloween Family

Hi Siblings and Ancestors. ❤

It is now officially Halloween in the time zone I am in.

On this holiday we celebrate creatures with candy, as we have a Creator and are Creations both groups sharing being Creatures.

I am doing this post as early as possible this holiday because as I recently mentioned in last posts, I want to offer a prayer to our Oldest that everything goes good for our family during trick or treating.

Maybe today is a day you will consider fantasy or mystery, but I admit, one of my favorite parts is sharing candy with family.

So, thank you Oldest for life, family, and our holidays, I have a few things to offer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

What separates one life from another?

Is it appearance? Is it size? Is it communication?

Halloween brings us together ignoring these difficulties.

We take this time to wear costumes of what we enjoy and how we find fascination.

You created your family differing in appearance, size, and gave communication diversity.

Celebrating what we enjoy with our candy, food, and drink is a great way to attract us to spend time together.

So here at WLTOP we want to say thank you for everything, and please keep the family safe this dark adventure.

You Oldest are viewed as lucky, from a descendant’s view, you are and stay rich.

The young think of you and have hope to be similar, I know that from my experience.

What brings different creatures together as family is love.

That is largely thanks to you.

Your efforts caused WLTOP to become possible, and even, a team effort.

So, we say Happy Halloween family from WLTOP, with love and luck as a mix, we find treasure, family is where it is.

By love we worship, luck, is that we can, and we share what we have because of loyalty.

Happy Halloween

Well family that’s the prayer.

If you listened to all that you deserve a bit of an explanation for this posts banner.

I have mentioned it before.

Our Oldest has a few achievements that in our future can be accomplished.

I by no means intend to cause teasing.

I occasionally like to remind our Oldest that I believe he will succeed in his efforts.

Inventing teleportation is something our Creator put effort into, and for WLTOP to occasionally cheer him on that he will succeed is a part of the attitude we embrace.

Some religions suggest our Oldest is “Omnipotent” and movies fantasize teleportation is already achieved, but that is practice and study.

It is a little impressive that someone can create life and not yet have invented teleportation, but what is even more impressive, is that simply equals having us as companions was a more important goal to achieve and because of that was done sooner.

Believe what you want my friends.

Have a great Halloween family, get food (candy), be safe.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You ❤

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