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Freedom To Honor? (Change)

Hi family. ❤

I did a little editing to our menu.

I removed a section that was involved with fandom of another club.

This is due to trying not to be a bother to anyone.

Because of this a few pages are now gone, but I saved the art and will possibly add some new and improved less invasive attempts at worship, honor, and love.

The LORD is someone I like a lot, and honestly, love as he is our ancestor.

I hope this new change will lessen difficulty and as I try and find new ways to include any loving content, we can salvage, I pray for the ancestors help to do it properly.

With this idea of the changes, I am inspired a little that I can do some WLTOP club cleaning and freshen up the pages and menu with more accuracy and easier readability.

Because of that I plan to make more beneficial changes to our menu, and I estimate it will happen as my ability allows me to make the proper changes.

WLTOP is a club all about family and our ancestors, the goal for us is to love and benefit, whatever I can further change will follow those qualities so we do not lose anything valuable and also, so we do gain value.

The short, good news is our menu is a little less cluttered.

❤ Have a great week everyone. The Oldest Love Us ❤

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