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Partners For Loving Family

Hi family 🙂

This post is about an update.

Recently I became a customer of the free phone service “Text Now”.

They offer free phone service over Wi-Fi in exchange for the display of advertisements upon their application.

For a $1 they will send you a sim card that expands your free phone service past Wi-Fi using cellular towers.

Even though the service seems to currently be focused on USA customers I have hopes it will grow allowing family of other countries to use it.

Because it is such a great asset, I decided to add it to our menu under the partner’s section.

So, if you live in the USA and want free phone service you can get it using their app with Wi-Fi, if you want to use their free service outside of Wi-Fi, I recommend getting a sim card for a $1, it is a one-time purchase.

❤ Have a great day family ❤

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