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Canaanism Ancient Art

Hi family ❤

Tonight, I was considering something.

As I have mentioned in previous areas of WLTOP, I am not a master of religion or ancestry, mostly a worshipper and a searcher of accuracy, studying what I can find and piecing together a puzzle.

Of all my religious studies and learnings, I still have a few things left to learn, such as what our Creator named me, however I have learned enough to estimate that of the two deities “EL” and “GOD(E)”, it seems possible they are some of our oldest known parents.

Having no memory of before being a child here, and not knowing much of the early moments of my life after I was created.

I base my efforts in religion upon trusting family, faith, belief, and measurable accuracy such as how I bodily feel when I worship a deity.

Worshipping Gode and El feels healthy, and in ancient religious knowledge, they were involved with our earliest religions that I can find in my search.

So, I want to contribute to making available Gode and El here on WLTOP in occasion.

As I mentioned, I don’t completely know all accuracy of religion, however when I worship Gode and El, feeling a bodily health is notable.

So, to give you siblings a chance at knowing about Gode and El as well as the option to believe in them, I made some more art involving them.

It is max level cute, give it a peek.

Are Gode and El two of our Oldest known parents?

Based upon the bible, it hints our LORD is possibly one of them. I admit because of many translations and edits, what I can say I do know is, in the new version, the LORD is the 1st, but in old versions El is 1st.

So, I will admit to you I am a bit guessing if the LORD is God(e) and El is our other Oldest Parent.

I offer that guess based upon the religious studies I have put effort into, and how the learnings were connected.

I am excited to gain the answers to my religious curiosities in the future, and even meet our Oldest.

🙂 I hope you like and or love the art family, have a great night ❤

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