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Birthday Art

Hi family 🙂

Today we celebrate my birthday so I decided to make a post here today with a prayer and some art.

Lets start with the art.

Those are sized for cell phone backgrounds and will be going on our Deviant Art page.

Now since today we notice me getting older and possibly as a marker for my self improvement, I want to make a prayer to our Oldest about it.

Deat Oldest Parents,

The life I have been given is thanks to you,

In our family, we are not short of fun, and this helps us to love each other and even practice the great blessing of worshipping you,

As WLTOP is a fit for us to do these things together as siblings and family, this birthday marker of mine I consider doing something in my own personal effort.

Being a monk of the Oldest Parents is my desire, I ask for your blessings, permissions, and protections upon this.

I wish to succeed, and failure is what I have done at other things, making this, very important that I be a success.

Thanks to the Siblings craftiness I have monk rings and a monk necklace to comfort me through difficulty, but noticing that I ask for you to guide me through any difficulty as even though I seem old enough to be capable, I am a child and even in a mix of others, this means I will need your help to continue with patience and resolve.

Being a monk of the Oldest Parents and succeeding at it is possibly the most important thing I have yet put effort into, please notice that and be my leaders.

With this birthday I also thank all of my siblings, because they are worth the love.

Thank You Oldest Parents, happy birthday everyone who celebrates their birthday today.

Well family that is my birthday prayer, I hope you enjoy what WLTOP has available for you.

If you haven’t yet looked at our social media such as our Deviant Art and YouTube Channel, they have some fun stuff on them.

Also, since it’s my birthday remember to like the Oldest Parents Facebook page, each like count is a way of us telling the Oldest Parents how much we love them.

❤ Have a great day everyone I am going to play some video games ❤

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