WLTOP Sorter

Happy Thanksgiving Family

Hi family ❤ Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Today we are thankful for the good things we have, the good family, and the good life.

At WLTOP we do a lot of thanking our ancestors.

For our Oldest Known ancestors, we feel a passionate love for all the good we share with them.

But another thing to notice in all this, is we are thankful that our parents love us.

So, I want to take a moment to offer a WLTOP prayer for us that thanks our parents and wishes them prosperity.

Dear Parents,

You love life, you love family, you love yourself, and we know you love us,

Saying thank you is like a language hug from us to you and we appreciate that our Oldest known parent gave us language to be able to say we love you and thanks,

With a majority of our focuses in worship being on our Oldest, let us also include thanking the direct parents in our ancestry,

We thank them for the love they offer, we thank them for the friendship, and we thank them for the sharing of such a high quality they do with us,

Oldest Parents, please bless our direct parents this thanksgiving, they have worked so very much for the sake of your (also our) family and they deserve a good holiday happiness, we ask for prosperity in our family,

Knowing you to be great leaders is enough to trust good will happen,

Thank you, family,.

❤ Well siblings and ancestors, WLTOP is here to inspire your passion and be your helpful cheer support,
I would like to do some more art soon,
I hope the results will be something that gains some likes and pleases you.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thank you for joining We Love The Oldest Parents. ❤

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