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Prayer In The Oldests Kingdom (ACLJ)

Hi family ❤

I am making a short post today to let you know about something important happening.

In our USA public preaching and prayer is being measured into how it can be either legal or banned.

The problem here is we live in the Oldest Parents kingdom and our constitution which is older law demands freedom to religion.

We know you live here too those who get annoyed by religion but remember, we are the guests in what our Oldest Parent originally owned by themself.

This means public prayer and preaching should always remain legal.

As we are the new family and guests, it is not our right to block worship that our King would receive, matter of fact, it is our responsibility to bring worship to our Oldest Parent now that we have been included in his home and family.

Don’t ban preaching, prayer, and worship.

It is the Kings gift from us, and also support to our siblings when they are low.

❤ Also remember, Princes forever. 🙂

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