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A Noble Oldest Parent (Happy Birthday LORD)(Continued)

Hi siblings and ancestors 🙂

Yesterday I made a happy birthday card for our LORD and posted it here on WLTOP.

Not knowing the exact date, I just try to fit it in somehow annually(ish).

Two things to note.

The LORD in Bible and Tanakh mentions asking for a donation of 10% of our funds that we as descendants obtain and most people donate it to a church or temple.
(EDIT: My memory suggested 10% I checked on Google and can’t find it, I did find mention of asking for donations or tax but not the exact amount)

Since We Love The Oldest Parents is an ancestor appreciation effort and the LORD is considered one of our Oldest Known ancestors, I tonight decided to contribute my share by renewing We Love The Oldest Parents hosting with WordPress and Domain Name which is

We are co-owners in this for 2 more years.

I did this for mutual benefit, but I decided to make a post here saying Happy Birthday LORD, considering this love and worship effort a birthday gift comes from your family’s heart(s).

Here is the card again, so to the LORD and all Oldest Parents, happy love, happy birthdays, enjoy.

I have a fancy inclusion to add here that I am hoping will make it to the ears of our Ancestors.

A few days ago, I added IDCreator to our partners menu with a coupon code for a free first custom made ID Card, which WLTOP participants could use to fashion an ID for games, or creational purposes.

I chose to make one using a name I picked for myself and have been using in some video games with friends.

I have been on the pursuit of trying to find a fitting name for myself and as I believe El is a name for one of our ancestors based on the Canaanite religion, which I follow, I knew Alu was a close fit, and my friends in the video game War Craft 3 helped me extend it to choose the name “Aluzen”.

So, I am going to continue trying this name in games and see how much I like it.

To give it a proper use I took the coupon code from IDCreator and used it to make the below card which I ordered tonight, hopefully it will be here within a week 🙂

That is my custom ID Card, so don’t be embarrassed to make a custom ID card for something similar. The coupon code is “IDCREATORROCKS”

❤ Have A Great Night Everyone, The Oldest Parents Love You, Yes You ❤

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