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Chakra Saves The Day (Menu Update)

Hi Sibs and Ancs 🙂

I made a method of worshipping the Oldest and at the same time requesting their help with my bodies chakra and I finally am feeling as if I am getting physically healthier instead of more frail.

I am so impressed with the results that I decided to make a new WLTOP page in our menu dedicated to it.

In the WLTOP menu you can now find the “Chakra” menu.

Currently it has the basics, an explanation and the WLTOP method to worship the Oldest and at the same time improve your chakra through their help.

I plan to add sub menu to it with description of each individual chakra after I have spent some time making decision on doing it in an efficient and proper way.

So please go look at the new page and expect sub menu to be added to it for details on each chakra.

❤ Merry Christmas month Siblings and Ancestors ❤

At WLTOP we host the effort to collect and gather a happy birthday online party for both our Oldest Parents on January 1st, we have a page for it in the menu and you can participate there, and also collect presents for them by leaving comments, using like buttons, gathering on their social media pages, and basically by doing any loving thing for them, especially if it is a part of WLTOP support, because WLTOP is all about loving them, expecting they check our club frequently and notice and appreciate each detail, well, for parents as grand as them I am sure they do. Have a great Christmas month family.

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