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Eve Night Art (Holiday)

Hi sibs and ancs 🙂

I mentioned earlier this month I have some chakra themed Christmas art planned as a WLTOP gift for you tomorrow but tonight on Christmas Eve I also made some extra art.

So here is a fun holiday art set that you can use as backgrounds for your cellphones or computers.

I will show you the screenshot I took of a game called “Farmers Versus Potatoes” to make the art, here is the screenshot.

That is the screenshot of my progress of having been playing it the last couple days, I then popped the screenshot into the Image Editor app now called Oajoo image editor and made for you the below background arts by manipulating the screenshot.

I tried to make the backgrounds resemble the style of Christmas trees and Christmas lights.

I hope you enjoy the art and join us here at WLTOP on Christmas for a post that will have some fun celebration art for you and include some WLTOP prayer.

❤ Have a really good holiday time siblings,
know, the oldest parents love you, yes you ❤

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