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Christmas Roots? (Holiday)

Welcome to WLTOP and you have been chosen by our Oldest to be a part of our (your) family during this time of holidays. Truly a kind gift because of the potential a future you are included in and will surely gain benefit from, will provide.

To do something proactive for participants in our love effort, we give to our Oldest, but how to gain something back or even at the same time?

This year we are sharing a method of body improvement that can be done at the same time as worshipping the Oldest.

The idea is to combine the bodies chakra system with the effects of worshipping ancestors.

So, I have fashioned this Christmas art to get you started and you can find more about chakras in the WLTOP menu.

Here is the art. The first is sized for PC background and the second is sized for cell phone.

This method of worship includes in it the notification to the Oldest that we want them to improve our charka, in this art, specifically our root chakra which is the first of all chakras.

You of course can insert the name of who you worship into the mix, I myself found good feeling by saying “We love and worship Root and El”.

How about a WLTOP Christmas prayer?

Dear Oldest Parents,

This holiday we consider the descendants hopes and desires,

Family so valuable, joy so held tight,

What can be done specially to mark how sacred love is?

A simple idea we suggest,

Every family member having each at most least 1 gift of themself,

Something to make unique, something to embrace,

A passion that continues life,

If you can safeguard every child forever keeping 1 gift as a part of themself,

1 treasure looted from the Nothings Christmas sack,

Then hope will never completely fade.

Thats this year’s prayer family, everything may have begun from Nothing, but we each have gift from what it became. Us.

❤ Have a great Christmas Family, Love and Joy ❤

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