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Giving To The Oldest A Happy Birthday

Hey there siblings and ancestors.

It is the day after Christmas, and I want to remind you of our annual “Happy Birthday Oldest Parents” party we do every new year’s (January 1st).

The Oldest Parents are the start of our family and so at the start of the year we collect what we have done through the WLTOP year past and offer it to them as a “Happy Birthday” party.

Want to help? Simply like a post, comment on something, you can also follow WLTOP social media accounts to make the Oldest feel popular.

If you want to get knee deep in the effort of wishing our Oldest Parents a happy birthday for the year, offer them a prayer.

So, this is your invitation card siblings, join us January 1st to thank the Oldest Parents for living.
(If you havent found it yet you can post your own comments below blog posts and menu pages, just scroll down, the most recent comments made will be displayed on our side menu for extra fun).

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