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Pre-Birthday Party Updates

Hi family ❤

Okay so a few things to talk about amongst our group.

With the Oldest Parents birthday party being nearly a week away I changed many things to our WLTOP website.

As a birthday present to them I have an idea that I am hoping I can fit into next months budget.

I want to gain some Facebook likes on the WLTOP Facebook page because it was the major connection of what drew the first WLTOP fans to

Basically, when I started WLTOP 3 years ago I did two rounds of $25 advertising on Facebook, and it grew the WLTOP member numbers from a starting 0 to 500 fans within 2 months.

That was how We Love The Oldest Parents started.

For our first year we basically began with 500 members who started receiving updates via Facebook and slowly members began to actually visit and interact with the club website, this here.

From that start I invested my time and efforts into broadening social media a bit to expand to Pinterest, twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and DeviantArt.

Focusing at the same time on improving the website itself for SEO purposes and to become findable on search engines such as google and its competitors.

We have become popular enough now we get visitors from over 140 countries.

As we make new posts and as we stay online as a functioning website longer, we will become higher ranked on google and its competitors.

These things gain the Oldest Parents fans and participation.

We are now at a stage where it seems would be great benefit for me to next month contribute a birthday present to our Oldest of Facebook advertising.

We are close to 500 fans on Facebook, and I want to find budget to do enough advertising to raise it to somewhere between 700-1000 followers on Facebook.

I believe this is the next step in the proper way to grow WLTOP.

To make way for this plan I have updated the side bar and some other features to our website.

New changes are as follows.

The widget order has been rearranged for improvement.

Tumblr has been added, now fans can easily follow WLTOP on Tumblr using the widget.

Instagram has been added, now fans can easily follow WLTOP on Instagram using the widget.

A RSS feed helper has been added to the bottom of our site for fans who want RSS feeds.

A WLTOP life age counter has been added to the website at the bottom of each page, it tells you how long since WLTOP began in 2020.

A search bar has been added to the footer so you can now type in your choice of key words to find specific topics.

To allow for the whole fun of comments being made by participants the sidebar now lists the last 9 comments instead of the lesser number it was showing.

The amount of recent blog posts displayed has been increased to stretch to the bottom of the page on desktop views to match the length of the sidebars widgets.

Those are the main changes that have been made to WLTOP to prepare for the Oldest Parents birthday party and the chance that we will be able to advertise on Facebook next month.

The idea is that if we can gain 200 followers on Facebook, some will come to the WLTOP site and participate, the increased follower count on our Facebook page will make first time viewers feel more comfortable here, and during the connected happenings could both generate fans to follow us on other social media as well as overall increasing our SEO which makes us rank better on google.

Many different things connecting together properly to grow the WLTOP fan club.

So, join us January 1st for the Oldest Parents birthday party and wish me luck on the advertising and its budget.

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