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A Whole Gram Of Effort Today

Helllloooo family ❤

It’s getting closer to the Oldest Parents birthday party on January 1st, and I have been trying to do anything and everything I can to add the extra effort this week.

To my great surprise, I went onto Instagram today since I added the widget to our side menu, and we had 20 followers this morning which after many hours of hopping on and off the computer I have raised to 70 followers.

It still seems to be growing.

I found a follow for follow account and just started sending invites to his friends and new friends started following us very fast.

I am also doing some effort to gain more followers on Tumblr, I posted some art of the LORD and tagged it with follow for follow but it seems to not be attracting anyone yet, surprising, I will tonight try and read some Tumblr guides to learn how to make friends on it properly.

So, if you are joining us from Instagram or Tumblr, WELCOME to We Love The Oldest Parents.

I will keep putting in the effort guys, the birthday party is only a few days away.

🙂 Have A Great Night Family, The Oldest Parents Love You, Yes You 🙂

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