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More Pre-Birthday Party Updates

Hey there sibs and ancs 🙂

Okay so the major parts to today’s updates are connected to what I mentioned previously.

We are hosting the Oldest Parents birthday party January 1st and as a birthday present to our Creator and First Creation (Our Oldest Parents) I am planning to fit into my budget to do some Facebook advertising to gain new fans for our Oldest.

In a huge effort to get everything prepared I fixed up our sidebar with widgets and their improvements as well as the footer too.

But today what I changed is the “Featured Pages” section.

As you view the homepage of WLTOP you probably see the giant message “You are a royal child of the Oldest Parents” along with a link to the welcoming “What is WLTOP?” page.

But there is an arrow on that featured pages area containing a few other pages and this area is mostly too welcome first-time members who are still learning about WLTOP.

The featured pages area got an update to its Oldest Parents birthday page, its Charity and Donations page, and its Oldest Parent Savior page.

If you use the arrows on the featured area, you will now see new art and on some of them, I changed the link text.

This new art should be much more pleasant as well as explanatory to new members.

I am also considering using a revolve feature which will randomly display these pages instead of always by default showing the “What is WLTOP?” page.

So go give it a look it’s that large area right below the menu above the normal content.

❤ Have a great day family, you are in the best family ❤

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