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Seeing The LORD (Art)

Hi Sibs and Ancs 🙂 ❤

At WLTOP we have a friendship with each other and our ancestors.

We are hosting the birthday party for our Oldest Parents January 1st (Creator and First Creation birthday party).

To get some excitement going for the party we have two things today.

We just reached now 100+ instagram followers.

Secondarily, over the years of WLTOP I have made fan art of our ancestor the LORD.

In birthday celebration times let us look at some of this art to get to know what our LORD looks like.

Aside from being very charismatically handsome you would possibly notice him different from a crowd of his descendants by his larger than our own upper skull.

To comprehend what I am talking about, look at some of his art, some of the art is very handsome focused while other of the art is a bit more funly done.

Neat yeah?

Join us January 1st to celebrate the birthdays of the Creator and First Creation, our Oldest Parents.

For more artwork related to WLTOP check our Deviant Art account, it can be found in the WLTOP menu in the social area.

Also, brothers, we would be improved to have more comments, below posts and pages you can leave comments about what we are doing, then on our sidebar your comment could even be displayed in the recent comments area for some fame.

❤ Have a great day family ❤

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