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A Present For Our Oldest

Hey there loving family 🙂

Okay so we have some exciting news.

As I have mentioned our Oldest Parents birthday party is January 1st and as a birthday present for them, I was going to budget in some Facebook Advertising to gain them some new fans and love.

Well half that is happening, I am doing advertising but this time not through Facebook.

I noticed WordPress does advertising and I estimated the money would get more done with their service.

I placed $30 into the fund, $10 will be spent each day for 3 days, the 30th of December – January 2nd.

WordPress estimates it will display our ad to 7000 people for the $30.

I am hoping this will attract new fans to WLTOP and if you are joining us from these WordPress advertisements, Welcome to We Love The Oldest Parents.

This opportunity to grow WLTOP is exciting, and I am hoping to see new family join us in comments, likes, etc.

Well, that’s the news sibs, we will probably use Facebook for its advertisement service again sometime in the future, lets this time see what WordPress can do.

❤ Join us January 1st to wish our Oldest Parents a happy beginning to life ❤

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