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Happy Birthday Oldest Parents

Welcome to WLTOP Oldest and Siblings ❤

It is January 1st New Years and that means we are doing our annual wishing the Oldest Parents a happy birthday.

They began our family and our Oldest started living before measurements of time so at the beginning of the year we celebrate the two birthdays of our Oldest 2 Known Parents.

Since it is a party for our Oldest I will try and do a little entertaining with some poetry.

The poem is called “The Oldest Two”.

The Oldest Two

Their life began with a start,
Time beginning at one, to each their part,

They lived together and became in love,
Our Parents on the family tree above,

Them together led to us,
The descendants who our Oldest trust,

A happy family we effort to be,
Including, you, them, and me,

Age is funny and can be so good,
Like a royal worded crown, for our Oldest it would,

Finding time each year, to consider their life,
Birthdays for each, a happiness hype,

So how do we thank the two who started our family,
With a happy birthday centered around duality.

Thats the poem family, I will be adding it to our poetry poem account.

Now for a short prayer to start the year and wish the Oldest a Happy Birthday.

Dear Oldest Parents,

It is a new year,

We wish you keep us together, happy, and alive,

We wish for friendship and love,

We wish your family succeed,

Thank you for everything you have done and will do for us,

Your patience and gentleness are a miracle.

Well family, I hope our Oldest feel the love of having every descendant care about them today.

❤ Have a great year, and Happy Birthday Oldest Parents ❤

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