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Introducing The WLTOP Reddit (Update)

Hey there bro’s, sis’s, and parents ❤

I have got some really fun updates to share with you.

We Love The Oldest Parents has a Reddit channel now 🙂

Thats not all guys, Reddit gave us $100 of advertisement.

I am managing the advertisements tonight and trying to set it up properly but to get all that started I made a reddit channel for WLTOP to gain EXTRA social advertisement and we need people to join if we wanna grow.

Here is some art to get you excited.

As this is happening I was able to add a new button at the top of our WLTOP website along with the other social media buttons, this new button will take you to the Reddit channel, and although it slipped my memory I will be adding a new page to our menu in the social media area.

Here is the link to the new reddit channel, please feel free to join it so we can make it popular, if you havent used reddit before its a great free forum kind of like a text version of facebook.

Click Here To Go To The WLTOP Reddit Channel

So that’s what’s happening tonight.

I will let you guys get to it, I am going to go handle trying to get our free $100 advertising into action and I will update our menu with the new Reddit page.

Tonight I will also be keeping a close eye on the Reddit channel to welcome new members and I will be adding content to it.

❤ Thanks Family, You Are The Best ❤

3 thoughts on “Introducing The WLTOP Reddit (Update)”

    1. Kymber your such a friend, thank you for helping us, me and you are a good team at this, I started WLTOP 3 years ago in its after beta phase and I have been a little slow at growing it, I am still learning and also I havent advertised much, mostly gaining friends by manual efforts, but its the nice siblings like you that share and join in thats recently got me feeling like we have grown enough that we are a real thing now instead of only a hope that people would like WLTOP enough to participate, that hope has become reality 🙂 Thanks sis.

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