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Fun Game Nordicandia (Idle RPG)

Hi brothers, sisters, and ancestors 🙂

Its been a while since I posted, and I wanted to try something a little different than recent posts so today I am suggesting a fun game that I am currently playing.

Even better than a normal suggestion, this RPG called Nordicandia has a season feature, and the current season is running for 60 more days, allowing for DOUBLE experience gain during the season.

Here are some previews of the game.

So here is the details. It is a semi-idle Role Playing Game.

You pick a race which each of them offering different bonus amounts, you pick a class, offering different skills, and then you start the adventure.

Your hero will automatically move and attack monsters, its up to you to use your chosen active skills and decide which passive skills to use which are always in effect.

With many different stats to be available as choices to customize your hero to play the way you want to, the content of Nordicandia is long lasting.

If you make a seasonal character, which you can do for free you can expect to be near level 100 your first hour. Getting thousands and more levels in this game is possible and has been done by top ranking players.

Here is the link below to Nordicandia found on Google Play.

Click Here To Find Nordicandia On Google Play

I am playing as a dwarf hunter. A dwarf hunter is a good mixture because as a hunter he can summon a wolf who inherits HP (Health Points) based upon the amount of HP the dwarf has, and as a dwarf race he gains a massive bonus to his HP stat, making for a great character build.

Find your chosen way of playing and join in the fun.

I am playing a season character and my in game name is Aluzen, I plan to try and make a guild called “Golem”.

I wish you good luck and fun, enjoy the game.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love Us Enough That In This Future,
We Have These Video Games In Our Family ❤

The game can be played multiplayer online or offline single player.

I accidentally posted the same screenshot twice; I removed one of them and replaced it with the statistics window screenshot.

1 thought on “Fun Game Nordicandia (Idle RPG)”

  1. I made the guild guys.

    Once again its called “Golem” and the tag or shortened name that displays in chat is “GLM”.

    The guild description is “Ancient life amongst the sands. Flesh and Soul. We are Golems”.

    It is open invite no approval required.

    You can even create your own guild upon reaching level 1000 and it is free to do so.


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