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Farming Social Security At 90%

Hello especially to our LORD, Oldest, and yes too Our Siblings.

I read a news article about changing the age requirement for social security.

I know politicians dread to hear suggestions that fail, I have something that may possibly be centered upon the basic success of social security, elders choosing to continue to work.

This explanation will be two parts, addressing how social security has a sink hole, and offering an old-fashioned math look at our money system.

Farming and social security are connected in what could be called non direct ways, but we need food, and as people become elderly, the job of farming is usually traded to the younger family members.

I will try to keep these offerings short so if it is liked, can be allocated into a way that is efficient into our system, and has no errors.

The goal is to offer farmers an opportunity, to work as farmers growing crops, allowably on and off or continuous, and after having completed enough years of farm service, to be given a non-profit college education, allowing them to continue working at fitting, less physically demanding careers as elders.

This allows for the natural shift we in our social effort to feed each other make.

The young farm and elders either retire or have less physical jobs.

This plan noticing our elders basing whether they want to work depending on two factors, will it be a job they like, and will it be a job they earn enough for it to be worth it.

Having a 20-year-old do desk work, or a 70-year-old do desk work, if it is available to one person, efficiency due to body makes it best for our 20-year-old to farm, and when he becomes older, to apply himself at a desk job doing something fun and quality, such as computers, teaching, management, or design.

In our society, we largely also base our happiness with work upon feelings of success, and tangible popularity of our efforts.

To explain this to you, we could be fixing two problems at once.

We need food, and because of that, farmers. Including farming in a program to aid the young in obtaining free quality college education from non-profit sources to encourage them to continue working through technology and comfortable working conditions improves the capability of the person and helps them feel continuing at a chosen, fitting, and passionate career is worth doing.

So, you are probably curious what is the most efficient way to facilitate these non-profit college educations.

What we currently have is colleges.

At opportunity, it is best for a partnership with colleges to be made, allowing colleges to function under normal membership of students, and to then further include the students who worked as farmers in a non-profit program.

I separate this issue at the thought that “Money” is our problem, we cannot eat money if we have no crops, and social security is a major hope many have, both of them are very important.

Tying the two of these issues together, and attempting to fix them in this way, is natural, on our planet even as humans since we began, the trees have been our necessity, we have grown into things such as technology, and to embrace a future having both of them, the two would be successful if in team together.

It is a morale of the young making prosperous their own future, and because of our methods, this planets family having enough for each other.

If you like any part of this idea, manipulate and mold it into success.

As a last piece to solving our issues.

I will offer a few simple study notes upon why money is so difficult, why managing it is so difficult, and how our very ways of thinking, have become dulled.

A 100% system of math is unfortunately less functional than a math system with a limit of 90%.

1/3 of 100% is not a legitimate calculation, it is actually quite impossible.

Math and its system of counting and measurement began with our Creator inventing it based upon himself and the noticings he found living in the Nothing that became a Something (Space and such).

One was himself, two rocks found were split into two definitions. A single rock, but twice as many as a single rock.

This equals one is the base of all math and everything past it contains a multiple definition for each digit.

Two rocks are both a single definition of rock, yet also a definition explaining two one rocks.

This way of doing math, this structure to it, called Geometry, cannot become higher than the number 90 because it is based upon connections that start as one and as soon as they become two begin to multiply into more than a single definition and or description.

Upon reaching 90, that is the limit of geometric possibility and its connections.

Here are the study notes I have over the years contributed; a money system based upon 90 as a limit would raise efficiency and success.

❤ That is the help I am willing to have suggested here at our Creators Home WLTOP,

Our Oldest Love You, Yes You ❤

I plan to add a page to our WLTOP menu with this topic of 90% as a limit, possibly tonight depending on my mental and physical health. This explanation was good so I want the page to contain the content about the 90% system found in this post on the page. Have a good night family. ❤

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