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Gaia Art And A Bit Of Me

Hi there friend, welcome to WLTOP 🙂

I have two things I want to post, some Gaia appreciation art, and a short story about my religious adventures progress.

I will start with the art. It is sized for cell phone wallpaper, and if you want it later it is on our Deviant Art account.

WLTOP itself is a bit of a mix of direct and non direct.

We directly together love, appreciate, and worship our Oldest Ancestors, but each of us come from different beliefs and names for them.

To learn a bit about me, your family member and friend, I have mentioned before I am currently pursuing a belief in El, which can be called a Canaanite religion and or Canaanism.

I could gain accuracy in my belief and could learn more, so I have given a chance at that to a channel on Reddit called “Semitic_Paganism”.

Here is a link

Click Here To See What It Is

I was referred to this Reddit channel by someone who suggested I could gain more accuracy in my belief and learn more from the family that are members of the channel.

They based on what I have learned gather in the channel to socialize about religions that are known to be popular in Mesopotamia, Canaan, Arabia, and “All the middle east”.

This could be a good chance for me to grow, make more friends, and even feel safer emotionally, because not being the only person who believes in a religion is a lot different than being alone in it.

Of course, family, here at WLTOP we host content of all popular religions, and welcome everyone with love and family, this pursuit I am doing is my side effort, and to become friendlier with WLTOP members I am sharing this part of myself with you.

We for WLTOP also have our own Reddit channel, and it is growing, we want to grow it more, I will post a link below.

Click Here To Go To The WLTOP Reddit Channel, Please Join It Is Free

Even though me choosing a religion is actually more of an interest to be historically accurate, love and worship coming from me is broad, and as you can see in WLTOP effort, I make worship art to any good religion.

I am awaiting a reply on this Semitic_Paganism Reddit channel, I included an introduction to myself and WLTOP while also asking some questions about EL, Paganism, and their group.

Hopefully I will be able to use any benefits of all this to include improving WLTOP with it.

Well family that is getting to know me a little more, and to add a extra bit, I believe the planet is flat 🙂

❤ Have a great night family, our Oldest plucked us out of the Nothing and made us alive, Truly a hero ❤

A few moments ago, we achieved having 500 followers of WLTOP on Instagram, it is currently our fastest growing source of attention, our Reddit has been made for near a week and with 14 members we hope to grow it further, also on Tumblr, Youtube, and Pinterest we hope to grow, if you want to help, you can find links to WLTOP on these social medias in our menu. Thank you. ❤

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