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New Ancestral Fan Art

Hi siblings and ancestors 🙂

We are still having a Tumblr widget error but I did email them.

I do have a nice gift to share with you before I do todays morning duties.

I took a picture I made a while ago and replaced the blank areas of it with a fun background.

Let me show you, it makes a great cell phone wall paper. I have 4 different versions here for your selection and or appreciation.

He is handsome I know, and emits a pleasant feeling.

This ancestral fan art was fun to originally make and adding this back ground effect to it this morning was a good idea.

I had the original with white background on Deviant Art but I added the new version to Deviant Art, Tumblr, and Instagram.

I hope you like this ancestral appreciation art, have a great day everyone.

❤ The Oldest Parents Made Us Look Good, Real Good ❤

Now I know we left the name for this ancestor somewhere around here 🙂

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