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Chakra Menu Updates

We love, but remember yourself to be loved ❤

A unique introduction for a unique update.

The Chakra page now has sub-sections in the menu with pages for each of the 7 specific chakras.

I just added the pages and to start I have included proper art with short description.

It is my goal to soon fill the pages with more description, details, and content.

To do this I will be on and off studying the 7 chakras and trying to find the most beneficial info to include fittingly for WLTOP.

My current thought is to try and update each of the 7 new chakra pages with more content as early as later tonight.

I estimate that is possible, but as taking time to study this topic, of which I am a novice, I do not yet know exactly how long it will take me to study and offer details to each page that is of the high quality WLTOP deserves.

Based on that, go ahead and look at what the new chakra pages in our menu have, and tonight and tomorrow we will possibly have improvements made to them, I expect it to be a fun section and very helpful for worship practices, because during worship of the Oldest Parents, we can include in it, mentioning a specific or all of the chakras, and in doing so, it is similar to a request to the Oldest, to improve our chakra with us.

❤ Planning Some Fancy Chakra Page Updates, Hoping For The Best, Oldest Guide Us ❤

Added a new category to our search function called “Chakra”, now for posts we can add the ones involving talk about Chakra into this new category, making searching for posts about its topic, easier in our future. This post is the first that has been added into this new Chakra category.

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