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God(e) And El Page (Update)

Wow family, I just had an hour of effort passion involving studying things I learned from the Semitic Paganism Reddit Channel I wrote about in my last post.

I decided to analyze the difference between Canaanism and Semitic Paganism and the similarities.

I decided to place it on the “God(e) and El” page of our WLTOP menu found under the “Worship” category.

Updates to the page include a study on the name Canaanism being a proper name for the religion of El.

The study is based upon translations and on the page it includes screenshots and descriptions.

I then during the explanation was led by the topic to touch upon the ancient history of the word “Golem” and I even listed a story about how “Golem” is a word connected to the history of the old religious belief “Everything began from Nothing” and how it began with our Oldest Parent.

Because the story about this is of quality I want to make it available in more broad availability instead of only giving option of it upon Canaanism.

I expect to after consideration and improvement add a page to our menu a bit more dedicated to the explanation of what a “Golem” is and how the history is connected in each “Everything began from Nothing” religion.

On my WLTOP list of to-do’s is to grow with Reddit, do the Golem page, add a high quality 90% limit study page, and I also made note to add more sections to the Chakra menu such as including a separate page for each Chakra.

I also plan to keep making friends on Instagram because to cheer us on I will say we are doing super awesome this week on it, since our last post a while before I made these new updates, we are still growing fast.

More friends for the WLTOP club on social media will make visitors considering returning feel much more comfortable with us, and that is important for both the club’s sake and the happiness of the individual participating, and remember siblings, each time we do any of that together, it’s a way of by effort, telling our Oldest Parents We Love Them.

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