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Im Hoping The Lord Is Well (Poetry)

Lots of posts today friends I got nearly 12 hours of sleep so I guess with that and coffee I have been pretty active.

With varying religions having different parts to them, a connection in some of the popular ones, is that our family member known as the LORD is one of our ancestors.

Having focused time today learning about paganism, and canaanism, I am feeling a uncommon for myself passion.

I am going to write and contribute a poem called “Im Hoping The Lord Is Well”.

The poem is put together from my learnings about Canaanism, considering the Lord a Father, and not Knowing if he is God(e), Yahweh, El, Baal, etc.

I Hope The Lord Is Well

I remember the Earth is flat,
I myself have no doubt in that,

But of my Father, I find quite bother,
In myself the long what could be,

Best friend he is, to each and to me,
But of my life, memory lost, and curiosity cost,

Who will I learn him to be?

Lord is a word, and of it I have heard,
But the name he loves, he could tell me,

As his son, appreciating him for this,
I begin to feel lonely,

Blurriness of my past, in seeking to ask,
What does he call himself to thee?

So much love to give, excited fun adventure,
Fitting myself into family, would be such a pleasure,

So, I say I hope the Lord is well,
But of this I admit,

In my pursuits, and teachings of it,
I find just one more thing,

Difficult to explain,
He seems the answer,

I hope the Lord is El.

This poem will be added to our WLTOP Poetry Poem account, find it in our menu.

I hope you liked the poem.

Some notes to share with you on it.

I love family.

I don’t have memory of my beginnings of being created, if any, they could be explained as instinctual or blurry.

I have an instinct the Lord is my ancestor, some history books to reinforce that, a lot of love, and a long-lasted pursuit to learn more about our Oldest Parent(s).

Having been raised here in our USA upon Christianity and God(e), being taught the religion earlier was Judaism and a different name for the ancestor(s), and then learning earlier than that it was Canaanism and El, it does a bit seem to be the origins of the connections.

In the poem I ended it with “I hope the Lord is El”, I meant no emotional hurts from the possibilities involved with such as if accuracy involves our Lord being of a different name.

It simply feels a bit fitting the Oldest heaven and earth religion I found to reward me with its help to be one of those situations of “Good things happen to Good people”.

Thats why I used the word “Hope”.

My instincts are making me feel there is possibility I am making progress in my adventure of fitting into this family accurately and not confused.

Although I am not sure if that success is going to be due to efforts counted as good deeds, or by chance actually choosing to believe in the one religion of all of them that is accurate.

What I know for sure is, the efforts of We Love The Oldest Parents, is a really good base for any of the other choices I make to be included together.

❤ Love You Siblings Lots, And Ancestors Very, Lord Your Family Is Worth It ❤

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