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More Chakra Menu Updates

Hi to you and a smile 🙂

In my last post I talked about the chakra page getting a subsection in the menu listing a page for each specific chakra.

I studied some and well unfortunately I was not yet able to add more content to those specific pages because the information I found was not the same thing I was trying to find.

On google books I got a free ebook a while back about chakra and I read some of it in the past, it is possible reading that book again I will find more of the specific content I want to add to these pages that will be more of a fit for WLTOP simplicity.

The other option I am considering is to read a translation of one of the popular Hinduism Vedas on chakras, apologies if I explained that wrong, I am a novice at this,

With both of those options available I expect I can find what I need to add easy and valuable info for each chakra.

Some good changes though, I updated the main Chakra page itself.

I included a section for what is called Sharira(s) which are 3 layers of our body connected to explanations about flesh compared to soul. This topic however is slightly more focused on its relation to chakras.

Included in this new area of the Chakra page is some art to make it more fun, and a list of the 3 different Shariras with descriptions of each.

It is my goal to compare and together benefit with how the body has different words to describe it parts, the discussion about it having as topics, Flesh, Soul, Spirit, Shariras (Body Layers), Chakra, and also even though I know yet little of it Sarirahs (Body Relics).

This is a nice change of area for WLTOP, as I have been a bit focused recently here on learnings for El, God(e), Christianity, Judaism, and Canaanism, with this set of topics instead being of Hinduism.

A WLTOP goal is to have a fair supply of content for the different popular religions focusing on anything that simply and especially easily can benefit any person in our family in a high-quality amount.

Being younger than our Creator by such a large age, at probably a rounded 1% his years, I find it correct to in the WLTOP effort make our content fit for family such as me who needs easy ways to learn and practice.

On my list of things to do now is take a rest from looking for specific chakras teachings and when I feel healthier, consider whether to start with my free ebook on each chakra, or to find a translation of a Hindu Veda with it as a topic.

I am excited to improve those pages, but a headache is winning against me, so please feel free to take a look at the new main Chakra pages content, including its art I made.

❤ Love This Family, Thanks Oldest For Making Me Included In It ❤

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