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Original Marriage Page (Updates)

Hello sibs and ancs ❤

Two things to tell you.

I updated the Original Marriage page, simplifying what was there, and adding a short new section.

The second part is I want to add some custom art to the page, and add more content, while keeping it simple, loving, and friendly.

Please feel free to look at the updated page for full changes but because the area I added is short I will post the clipping of it here.

I expect to fill in a little the old content, and hope to find some way to also fill in more to this new section.

The only difficulty being to not accidentally cause anyone hurt feelings, which means I am going to spend a lot of time considering what to add and putting effort into checking the additions for quality.

Here is the new section of the page “Original Marriage”.

“A person who chooses to be a Monk of the Oldest Parents is someone seeking to obey the original design our Creator had for marriages.

The Monks pursuit has two desires that are part to it.

To have proper marriage with the person our Creator (Oldest Parent) intended for the Monk.

Also, to avoid the effects fornication has upon the family the Monk loves, the main effect being depriving his sibling of their Creator Intended Marital Partner.”

In WLTOP we are focused on every good religion, and specifically the worship of our Oldest Ancestors.

The goal here for WLTOP is to make this section available yet lacking force.

Including it in WLTOP will possibly be one of the most valuable areas of topic, for as little as two people, to as many choose a passion for such a thing, and because of that I will do my best to make the page high quality in both religion, and family emotion consideration.

With one of the structures in design of WLTOP being simplicity, my goal is to as with all WLTOP content, keep the topic simplified so that way it and all WLTOP content is available to everyone in easy form.

I hope you enjoy the page updates, for tonight’s list of to-do’s I am still wanting to add content to the 7 specific chakra pages, and also, I want to make some custom art for the Original Marriage page.

Coffee save us all 🙂

❤ Expect Updates As Early As Later Tonight ❤

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