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A Prayer To Our Oldest

Good morning. It is just warm enough that I feel cozy. 🙂

I have been late night playing Nordicandia after my nights two story post.

I talked about it recently and how they are in a current season with nearly 60 days left of 2X experience gain, and myself and the other players are quite enjoying it.

Because I stayed late night and its now morning I am probably going to want sleep soon and I had a great idea, that is to make a prayer on WLTOP before I get to sleeping.

This prayer is a thanks prayer, and a congratulations prayer combined.

Here we go.

Dear Oldest Parents,

What I know of you even more than your names, is due to my place in the family,

As your descendant, I became alive after many things,

What I easiest recognize the two of you for is ancestry,

The Creator being obvious in my focus as having caused me to begin to live,

The two of you being the first best friends’ history has,

Your marriage gives me hope for my own, and a feeling of safety,

As my role models, I feel comfort thinking of this,

This morning I got the idea to say thank you for each good chance,

Included as a part of it, congratulations on both of you having each other as best friends,

It truly is impressive the things that happened to our Creator, and later, each descendant starting as they begun,

If luck is believable, I would guess, eternal future had to last for ever, because it had to fit your amount of success within it.

Thank you, Oldest Parents.

For a morning prayer, that turned to be a pretty good effort.

I got to say thanks for life and its happiness and congratulating the Oldest Parents on their marriage is a part of the commandment to “Honor thy parents”.

Well dear listeners, have a good morning, I didn’t get updates to the pages done last night, but eventually should.

❤ Someone on reddit suggested changing money because it mentions God,
I replied with, what could be a legitimate religious improvement? ❤

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