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Lords Castle Dream (Story Night)

Hi family, I wanted to share a very short story with you, this being our second tonight. 🙂

A small number of years ago, I had a sleep during night.

In my sleep, I had a dream quite detailed in vision, lacking sound, but it was as if I heard what was being said even though it was mute.

The dream started with darkness, in front of me some light began to opaque.

I saw our Lord on a throne with dim behind him and to our sides castle walls.

It was quite vivid and real as if a memory.

It looked like the real him from the art I have contributed.

He was speaking to me, and I was responding, and during a part of the dream I kneeled.

During this dream I couldn’t hear our words, but the appearance of his face was that our conversation was based upon important topic with serious quality.

As the Lord was the one to finish our conversation with his words, the area visible of him and the castle walls, including his throne, began to darken, eventually all my vision was black and I awoke.

So, bros, any of you know if our Lord spends time in a castle?

Because I am kind of lacking knowing exactly what this dream is.

I will tell you though, it felt awesome, because well, seeing our ancestor is a high-quality comfort.

I have not seen any movies I have memory of that gave me the same feeling of satisfaction.

A few details guys if you are curious.

Because during the dream I didn’t hear the sound of us talking instead since I saw his face during the conversation, that gave me explanation about the attitude of the conversation.

Based upon the guess I have after dreaming it, it was him either teaching me something, or explaining a task.

Instinctually it felt great to have the dream.

Having been taught so much Christianity, and then studying Judaism and Canaanism, it made me feel emotionally closer to our ancestors instead of only reading the books.

We hear so often in religion books and churches about our ancestors loving us and caring for us, being family and even friends.

Siblings, I haven’t offered a favor for me in request recently, so if you feel like including me in prayer, you could ask I continue having good luck.

Thank you

❤ In My List Of My Best Ranking Dreams I Have Memory Of ❤

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