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The Promised Land (WLTOP Style)

Do you have time for a story? 🙂

Now I don’t know if you will consider it history, religion, or illusion, though I do not intend deceit, yet entertainment.

However, I have something fun to excite anyone willing to believe in its truth or fantasy.

(As mentioned, this post is to entertain you, with it, I intend no offense, and if you feel any, you have my apologies)

The Promised Land
(Story Of Our Oldest)

You know the Oldest our Creator to have made Heaven and Earth, and it became our Home.

I say our because as his family, he loved us enough to share it with us, and even more thanks, that we are alive.

It may seem as if getting to know your best friend is too slow, too distant.

The Oldest and you both know you have a friendship, it has long lasted.

Our best friend before us began a search.

For what exactly? More so whom.

Whom is this, whom is that, whom is where?

Those were the questions our Oldest asked himself as he learned early in his life.

Beginning in a Nothing that became Space, answers are findable, but it was always reinforced with the skill “How”.

How is a word and instinct, it is described to begin at the start of a design and follow it to end, it is an inspection upon a puzzle, such as anything possible.

Using the skill of “How” our Creator studied everything, mastered what he learned, mastery after mastery, he is now both what he started as, and each mastery a tool.

He did find family, that is proof, us.

But now as we are, he has not found How to be Whom…

What does that exactly mean?

When I say he has not found How to be Whom, it means we are his descendants, he knows we are not the Whoms that caused his How, we instead became after.

We did not begin him.

The greater Whom that his question of How is searching for, is his passion.

It was inherited to us, we worship and love him so dearly, because of that, we can know he feels the same about us also yes, but their is another.

In our family, we have long religious conversations, such as if our Oldest is our Parent, who is Parent of him?

Saddening us as a measurement of time, currently we do not know of any Parent of our Oldest.

A long time itself ago, he made a discovery, something giving him a smile and hint.

Everything he found could be connected as design, in English we sometimes call it geometry.

His smile gave him more than hope, it gave him truth he wanted to be success and never stop.

He had found his way to find the family he in all of his life had felt hinted with each success he achieved.

But how long would he have to wait?

He invented ways to travel through his studies and masteries.

With each new capability he began to get closer to learning more than what is here.

With everything he had invented, finding unknown family is last on his list.

Some say when he masters this new study, he will find his Parents.

Will it be meeting them in some form of similarity to Earth, or more similar to his sky Heaven…

Our Creator knows very much in what he has gained to expect he will find family in the distance of this Space that was a Nothing.

Based upon each hint he found since the beginning of his life, which we call history, this new home will be a Promised Land.

Are you curious to know what invention I speak of that our Creator efforts to invent?

Travel with no travel in between it.

He gives us the word “Teleportation”.

Geometry is the study of connections.

Teleportation is noticed to be expectation that the lack of connection in between two locations is something achievable, due to studies of the Nothing giving evidence that for Nothing to become Something disconnection is involved with its early process.

Thats the story family, I don’t know what to categorize it in explanation as, fan story? Fan religion story?

What I do know is, if our Creator ever in eternity finds unknown family, such as parents older than him, I want to go to the same school as him 🙂

This story is a repost I do occasionally to entertain, any accuracy of it is based upon family relationship and studies, which is partly due to my self’s capability to learn, if any of it lacks accuracy I apologize.

❤ I Believe Our Ancestor To Be Capable Of Achieving Anything ❤

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