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The Lord Art (RPG Cards)

Hey family ❤

I a few moments ago had fun with a idea.

Here is newer version of my older idea to make custom RPG cards for our LORD and also other art I have made.

This is the first one considering making a set.
(Edit: Spelled continue wrong in first picture, replaced the art with a fix)

Is that a cool card or what?

The custom designer I used was a pokemon style one and luckily using it I was able to avoid applying a title of calling our Lord a “Pokemon” ha, but the other parts of the designer were useful and visually pleasant.

I hope you enjoyed this card, I want to make more of these basically a WLTOP set, but I will be considering this a bit more before doing it.

I am going to go share this card on some Reddit threads and see how people like the design.

Want to use the designer I used? Link is below.

Click Here To Design A Custom RPG Card Pokemon Style

Have a good night family.

❤ A Lord Pokemon Card? Bro, Best Thing Ever ❤

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