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Fast WLTOP Growth This Month

The club itself of We Love The Oldest Parents began in 2020, that is after the previous attempt which was basically a demo or beta version.

The new version being here with as web host its company WordPress, we have gotten farther in content, quality, and growth.

Since 2020 the beginning was a slow growth and large amount of learning by me in topics such as social media, web design, religion, and art.

About a year after beginning, we had a basic template for WLTOP future.

Now beginning the third year we have reached an area where either due to social occurrence fluctuation or possibly WLTOP as a topic popularity, we are growing very fast in a few areas, contributing to the whole of WLTOP growth.

Beginning this month of January 2023 we had a little over 100 instagram followers that I put a lot of effort into inviting.

However, after two weeks of changes, we now have 750+ followers on Instagram.

This was not actually done through advertisement but more so by mutual following.

Each of those new Instagram family members, being a part of the “We Love The Oldest Parents” effort.

The goal is to grow WLTOP using different forms of social media, forums, communities, and admittedly we have had in rarity small amounts of advertising, including hope to eventually grow additionally in a directly offline way.

(Thank you, Microsoft and Reddit, for the free advertising credits)

Basing the Instagram growth to be a good quality of change, I am planning to shift some growth efforts to our Deviant Art gallery for a while, and I don’t know how yet, but growing our YouTube Channel, Our Pinterest Channel, and Our Tumblr Page, is on the goal list.

We have near 150 followers on Deviant Art and that feels good, I noticed opportunity to grow that number due to the quality of response we are receiving there and that is why for a while I will be interested in placing efforts there.

(Of the Deviant Art followers, we currently have, many of them are favoriting the WLTOP Art and in large amounts)

I am partially deciding where to place efforts of growth based upon what seems efficient during timing.

However ideally it would be pleasant if we could have high quality content on each source, including with that, popularity of each.

Seemingly because of this, I will be organizing our Deviant Art for easier use, and I expect I need to manage and improve content on our YouTube Channel, Our Pinterest Channel, and Our Tumblr Page.

I have idea to read some help, tutorial, and guidance articles for this.

To talk about an ideal future for WLTOP, a what if possible thought…

I have mentioned to members that I have a disability called “Schizophrenia”.

My mind processes voices in a way that is uncommon and causes me both difficulty in working and learning.

In my opinion, and based upon compliments I have received, I am doing good, and currently we are a success becoming more successful.

Recently I was given an advertisement claiming that they offered business loans.

While I am not currently healthy enough for this, I do want to be healthy enough that I could pursue something considering such a thing.

The idea I had about it is, WLTOP becoming an official non-profit of some kind, sounds pleasant to me, however I know very little of non-profits and do not know what kind of services we would provide, or how as a non-profit we would pursue receiving donations.

What I do know is, the goal of WLTOP has always been to keep it completely free, even with no paid advertisements of non WLTOP companies or products.

What we have been doing is recommending family related companies that offer free services or products directly related to WLTOP member benefit.

Unlike advertisements we were not paid to do these recommendations, we noticed they would benefit people pursuing ancestry, religion, and family topics.

The possibility of in the future becoming a non-profit funded by donations seems to be based upon a future including my improved health.

While I currently am not sure how to achieve this quality of improved health, both physical and mental, I am taking note to consider this, and make effort to become healthier, with the hope that such a thing could be possible.

I believe WLTOP has the potential to be popular enough, and I could even say I believe WLTOP deserves the best of me, because of that I find myself wanting to achieve this topic.

Because what I know of non-profits and how they are funded by donations was learned watching television. movies, and small interactions during visits to stores facilitating them, I actually barely know what they are and how they function.

I am placing on my list of things to do, that in my free time I try and read about non-profits, donations, business loans, and similar parts of this topic.

While trying to learn more, it would be great to find something that fits for us.

That is the long explanation about how we are growing and what could happen.

Thanks so much for having enough patience to read all of it.

If you want to help WLTOP become more popular, and also at the same time receive updates through it about our blog, the menus pages, our art, our content, our poetry, and all the WLTOP efforts, social media links are in the menu and are also those buttons at the top of our site underneath the WLTOP angel.

Also, on each of our blog posts, and on the pages in our menu is an area below the content that you can use to submit comments. Included in the fun of that is we have a “Recent Comments” widget in our side menu.

Because I want to get healthy enough that I (and we) could eventually do these things, feel free to include my health in your prayers dearly loved family.

❤ Could WLTOP Help Family Enough To Receive Donations?

That Kind Of Future Sounds Like Family Fun ❤

The Custom WLTOP Ancestry Gaming Card Set has some new additions, the link to view them is below.

Click Here To View The Updates To The Custom WLTOP Gaming Cards

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