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The Safety Net Prayer (WLTOP Style)

Hi siblings and ancestors ❤

I have an idea that may be of help to anyone else who considers a religion and is feeling that they are not completely sure of which one has most historical accuracy.

I am someone who has been Christian, Jewish, and am currently pursuing Canaanism.

I have considered believing in many religions, honestly most seeming good and beneficial.

I currently like Canaanism, but have felt throughout my life, in each religion I believed in, to be guessing.

But I found a great thing with We Love The Oldest Parents.

What I did, was in prayer, ask our Oldest to allow me to pursue the religion of Canaanism.

This is because I like the religion, and in possibility a different religion is more accurate, this prayer is a “Safety Net”.

I’m sharing this because you can insert your religion into this prayer.

Let me share my example with you of what I did to have a “Safety Net”.

In prayer I said, “Oldest Parents please allow me your permission to worship El”.

In Canaanism, El is the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Each religion gives a different name of who our Oldest Parent is, and we find there are more than one choice.

By using this prayer, we salvage religious accuracy in our pursuits.

I intend sharing this suggestion with you as a sibling who is attempting to help other siblings in a similar situation.

Being taught various religions, it feels like a freedom to put effort in, and if my religious selection is wrong, I am partially successful. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post; I get a feeling that if I pursue any different religions from my current one, I will be reusing this prayer for comfort’s sake. Based upon my past, it kind of seems chance it could happen.

❤ Have A Great Night Family, Our Oldest Parents Love You ❤

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