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What is WLTOP?

Hello family 🙂

This post is a bit dedicated to explanation of our ancestor appreciation club for our new viewers, and our clubs name is “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

We have two main beliefs as structure for our club.

We believe our Creator and his First Creation are our two oldest known ancestors, and we believe we are all one family.

What we do together as siblings in this effort, is offer sources of education for the different popular religions, we contribute prayers and worship, and mostly grouping it all together, we love and participate as family.

Within our menus links you can find pages such as the WLTOP Deviant Art gallery having more than 600 pieces of religious art, the WLTOP poetry profile having numerous poems about loving family as well as faith topics, a healthy vegan or vegetarian recipe page on the WLTOP Pinterest containing more than 400 recipes that taste great and do not cause harm to the animals we befriend, and recently we gained a Reddit forum channel for conversation and community.

You are invited to become more than a first time visitor.

Please if you feel passion of appreciating the Oldest Parents join us.

On this website you can post your comments below each blog posting and even below each page found in our menu.

Following WLTOP using WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, you can begin to receive updates connected to our blog and our club.

At WLTOP we not only do what everyone naturally does, which is love family, we do it with effort and passion, with focus that it is an effort for us siblings, to be done best together.

Welcome to We Love The Oldest Parents, we hope you will return.

❤ Lots of love to you siblings and ancestors, Whatever your favorite religion is, You are family ❤

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