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A Thanks Prayer Because Of Siblings

Hi sibs and ancs 🙂

I haven’t done it in a while, so I want to make a prayer to our Oldest involving my thanks for the good deeds my (our) siblings have done for me and even each other.

When I have needed help, they responded, when I have needed emotional support, they cheered me up, sometimes even a smile making my whole day beautiful.

So, to this prayer, given to our Oldest, I thank them for my siblings.

Dear Oldest Parents,

My life spent with my brothers and sisters who are your descendants is fun, very fun,

They know how to love a brother and they know how to share, of them I am proud to be their brother,

It is because of their great patience with me and acceptance,

I pray they have a great eternal future that with it you give them lots of love and also patience,

In my opinion, getting a hug from your descendants, is one of the kindest things that has ever happened to me.

I am eternally hoping the best for them.

Thank you, Oldest Parents.

Thats the prayer family, I hope you like it, I offered it loving felt.

Earlier today I tried to make an art piece to share with WLTOP members, but unfortunately the attempt resulted a bit into practice instead of finished result, so I will make attempt again later to share some art with you that is cheerful.

❤ Have a great night siblings, and of course, you also ancestors ❤

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