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Patience On Our Tumblr Widget

Sibs and Ancs, as Jeff Dunham says whats good, whats good, whats good 🙂

If my memory is proper that’s something I enjoyed while watching his comedy.

Okay so the reason I am making this post is due to our Tumblr widget functioning differently than normal.

It was doing everything pretty proper, but I noticed last night it began to stretch in a difficult to read way.

Here is a picture of what I am talking about.

As you can see, the WLTOP account name for our Tumblr is stretching downwards instead of left to right.

I have not emailed them for support yet because I am awaiting to see if it’s a temporary problem, and will be fixed soon, if it doesn’t get fixed soon, I will reach out to Tumblr staff and ask for help.

Speaking of Tumblr, we are finally beginning to grow faster on it.

What was 20 followers on Tumblr for seemingly a year is now 33 followers and I just made a post their requesting to become friends with other members.

We gained 16 Deviant Art followers since I started allocating some of my free time to making friends there and guess what family, something so exciting.

I made a journal post on Deviant Art about valentine’s day being soon and my monk of the Oldest Parents effort, I mentioned I gained 2 Deviant Art valentine’s day badges in recent years for submitted art intended for the sake of my Creator Intended Marital Partner.

One of our followers favorited that journal entry so I was very excited and thankful to be receiving the support and approval of my efforts.

We started our Reddit early this month and are up to 16 members now.

I haven’t been as focused on gaining new Reddit members as much as I have been focused on adding content to the Reddit channel so that way members will want to join.

Since the Reddit channel is becoming fuller and more beneficial I will after it feels good enough, invite a lot of people to join it.

Even though I have been using Instagram a little slower than I was because of allocating efforts into these other areas, we gained over 50 more followers and are now at 800+ followers.

Well, that’s what’s good family, I will be trying on and off today to grow a little some of these areas, and I want to add some kind of content soon, I don’t know if it will be poetry, prayer, art, or etc. but it’s been long enough to do something new.

❤ Have a great day family, Help Tumblr the widget is a fidget ❤

Thank you, Tumblr, and other social media we use, as well as all the WLTOP supporters and contributors, WLTOP is us.

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