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We Worship The Oldest Parents (Art Set)

Well, I am having a late night tonight and as I kind of promised to offer some new content when I could think of something, I have 2 new pieces of art to contribute that are a set.

I was trying to use my mind for something beneficial and gained the idea to use the words “We Love And Worship Our Oldest Parents Eternal”.

I liked the amount of love these words offer to our two Oldest Ancestors and decided it was good enough to make some art with.

So, presenting to you the We Love And Worship Our Oldest Parents Eternal art set, click art to enlarge. One is sized for PC background and the other for cell phone background.

These 2 new art pieces will be added to our Deviant Art account gallery for future finding and use.

❤ Oldest Parents Art Could Become More Popular With Our Efforts ❤

Guys I haven’t done anything with Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story rpg maker game for many months because my schizophrenia and my attention has not allowed me to, I do plan to finish it if I ever have the health and quality of capability I need to at the very least put in an occasional hour on, but as of recently, every time I get motivated to try, my sense is that I know I mentally cant.

If it gets to a point where I estimate I won’t be able to properly finish it, I will seek to donate the demo to someone who wants to finish it, lots of gamers on some of the sites liked it, if I can’t finish it, maybe one of them would want to.

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