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Helper Gift To You

Hi Sibs and Ancs 🙂

Today our post is focused on helping you with your relationship to our ancestors.

Here below is an art that has signature part to it, sized for cell phone wallpaper, or simply as a printout.

What is it?

A show offer displaying that the Oldest Parents and you are best friends.

Remind yourself and them of this or even talk with their other descendants about it, it makes a great boast.

Here it is, it will also be added to our Deviant Art for future use.

Do you like it?

Place your name on the dotted line, it can be your birth name, or your self chosen name, and then you have a great piece of art.

If you need help digitally adding your name to the line, try the free tool at

We are still waiting for Word Press to process a fix for our Tumblr widgets stretching problem, have patience with us please.

❤ Have A Great Day Family ❤

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