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A New Record For WLTOP (Instagram)

Wow family, have I got some fun thing to share with you 🙂

I have been talking this month about how we have been growing fast on Instagram, having started at about 200 Instagram followers.

Tonight, we achieved having 1000 Instagram followers who joined in following “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

This is one of the first major milestones in WLTOP Achievement growth area.

We are steadily gaining people to join in and say the magic words “We Love The Oldest Parents”, some of our other areas of growth that is happening is on Deviant Art, the newly started this month Reddit Channel, and surprisingly I have finally begun to comprehend how to make friends on Tumblr and because of that we have near 60 followers there.

Our goal is to continue to contribute art, religious choice, poetry, discussion, family quality support, and in all of that, Love.

Along with those goals is a piece to grow our team of participating siblings into more and more at an efficient quality.

So, thank you everyone who is a part of WLTOP, that means if you visit the site, follow the club on any social media, or even simply read “We Love The Oldest Parents” and agree it, you are family in the effort.

❤ Lets Keep Growing, Feel Free To Comment On Any Of Our Posts And Pages ❤

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