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Valentines Month Monk Gift

Its Valentines Month family ❤

Okay so here is the thing, I am putting effort into being a monk of our Oldest Parents, considering them as we know them.

This means I made a valentine for my Creator Intended Marital Partner.

I want to share it here to be friendly, but aside from that Marital pursuit I have a gift to share with ALL my siblings.

It is a bit of a repost I do occasionally to greet new WLTOP members and to remind anyone who did not yet get it but wants it later.

I will start with the Monk Gift I give to ALL my siblings; it is a prayer certificate of protection and salvation that lacks failure, because the Oldest Parents are described enough in words, that even if we guess their names wrong, they know we are talking to them.

Here it is click to enlarge, sign, print out, even if you read it, the Oldest Parents listening, can hear your prayer.

It comes in two sizes, the first below is long left to right, the second is more square.

Now for valentine’s day, what would you expect from your brother who is a monk and loves you but is pursuing his own marriage?

Well of all the things I could give you, this is the gift I chose, enjoy, you are loved.

Okay now, on Deviant Art for the last two years, I won a badge each year for submitting Valentine’s Day Art for my “Creator Intended Marital Partner”, currently looking at the Valentine’s Day event they host this year, it looks possible I would have to purchase a premium account to get this year’s badge.

I emailed the Deviant Art staff to ask about it so if they update the event later in the month, I possibly will get my third badge from them.

Even if they don’t award me my third badge, I submitted 2023 Valentine’s Day Art to them, it is below for you to sneak peek at my monk efforts.

That is what I made for my valentine.

Now back to talking about your gift other family members.

I mentioned even if you read the certificate, the Oldest hearing and seeing all as we have been taught basically gives you a freebie prayer that can benefit you.

Signing it is even more of an improvement and you can sign it digitally for free with or you can print it out and sign it with ink. Great huh?

On Valentine’s Day itself I will give an update on these topics but since it is the start of Valentines Month, I am glad to be sharing this with you now.

I hope you enjoyed the certificate I made for everybody.

❤ Happy Valentines Month Family ❤

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