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Black History Month Role Model

Yay Black History Month 🙂

Alrighty my friends, tonight I have a Black History Month post to share with you.

It is about a actor who I followed as a youth and as I grew older, continued to find him.

He made me feel closer to my Black siblings, and more comfortable feeling that even though there has been difficulty in race emotions, I would be given a fair chance to be friends with my black siblings, expecting they were as loving as him.

The actor that became my Black Role Model was “Will Smith”.

I began mostly as his fan from the tv show “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”.

I loved all the characters in the show, but as Will was titled focusedly on being a prince I quickly attached myself to his character, being a prince has always been emotional for me, I have a “Oldest are Kings, I will always be a prince” attitude.

As I grew in age, Will Smith released more tv and movies, even music cds.

The Wild Wild West was hillarious and action packed.

Men In Black is one of my sci-fi favorites.

The pursuit of happiness, helped me notice my parents try every bit of love they can provide.

His last movie I will list is “Seven Pounds” which truly has the capability to deeply effect the emotions of anyone who has ever placed importance of someone they love and consider family, instead of themself.

Here on WLTOP, we welcome you Will Smith, and all of his family, to notice what I have said.

As a white young man, you caused me to feel no difference between white brothers and black brothers, only equal love, your family in your tv shows and movies helped with that, greatly.

Truly all good actors he worked with.

Thank you, Will Smith, this black history month I dedicated a post to how you made me more comfortable, as a brother, and as a prince of the Oldest Parents.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love Their Black Descendants,
Always Have, Always Will ❤

Thanks to this post I added a new “TV and Movies” category for future blog posts, when we have recommendations for family movies and tv shows, I will sort them into it.

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