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Custom WLTOP Cards (Update)

Well, I am still occasionally achieving doing things today 🙂

I have added 5 new Custom WLTOP Trading cards to our free set.

4 Yugioh and 1 Pokemon style.

Since I decided to continue effort into OOP:TOFS the idea came to me tonight to add cards for the game into the set, a great idea.

As with the whole set, you can find it on our Deviant Art, but I will post the new ones below, click to enlarge.

The artwork is of the 4 main characters available for choosing to define yourself by in the game, the idea is, with two brothers and two sisters, you can pick your favorite and make them the party leader, the game also features allowance for you to name each youth.

One of the starting purposes of wanting to make OOP:TOFS was partially that I estimated if I could make the game popular on video game sources such as free rpg publishers, forums, and channels, I could attract people to the idea of our We Love The Oldest Parents club by the games story, and include in the game links to our WLTOP Website.

The expectation being, bringing people to our website and them reading the content, and hopefully participating in the love, support, and cheer.

Lemme give you a great example, in basically every religion we are told our Creator hears all we do, every time someone reads or says “We Love The Oldest Parents” we are connecting them not only with the Oldest hearing their greeting of friendship, but it allows the participants thoughts to be connected to the topic and they will naturally apply their own opinions and beliefs to the saying, and in doing that, our Oldest Parents and them have some moments in it to improve friendship.

WLTOP is good deed effort of siblings as a team, offering some starter content as we do, it can then be further improved when the sibling makes any effort towards participation and or contribution of good quality.

I trust if we help people have the proper basics needed to succeed at our effort, we will grow together, ideally a very good team and topic together.

As I mentioned earlier today, I am starting to learn tags for Word Press and I read a little about it that was enough to attempt to properly add some of the best tags I could find for our menu pages.

I am deciding to try to get in a new habit of applying tags also to our blog posts, starting with this one.

In the guides I read they mentioned what I expected, it helps a lot with SEO, which will gather many searchers to find the WLTOP website.

❤ SEO Woah ❤

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