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Menu Squish (Updates)

Today has been a active day 🙂

Our WLTOP page menu was a little difficult for mobile phone users.

It has been condensed now to about half of how long it was.

What I did, was remove all the individual prayer, worship, etc art pages, and replace them with 2 new links in the menu that will take you directly to them on instead Deviant Art, they are sorted into galleries, it makes looking at them easier, and using our site more efficient.

Also, as we have social media buttons on the top of our site and at the bottom, I removed the social media links part of our menu, because using the buttons instead, makes it easier for mobile users to sort our menu.

I removed a few excessively duplicated content pages, and plan to further condense pages eventually, sooner or later, taking 2 similar pages and merging them into one.

I also went to each of our WLTOP pages and assigned at least a single tag to them which is something I am a novice at and am trying in hopes of improving our SEO, to be honest the menu changes are partnered with that.

I will be adding more prayer, worship, certificate, etc art to our Deviant Art galleries at the new links.

I moved our Poetry Poem account link which was under the social media menu to the WLTOP? section of our menu because it does not have a button at the top of our site, our Word Press Theme does not have one for it.

There is a new Milestone art gallery link that will also take you to its Deviant Art gallery and I will be updating it with current art soon. It is art that says thanks for reaching noticeable amounts of new followers, likers, subscribers, etc on social media.

Lastly, I moved some of the menu links to different sections and reorganized the order of them for easier and more pleasant access.

Family, these are some great changes for our comfort, our SEO, and yes, our growth and popularity.

Wish us luck with these new tags and changes.

❤ Oldest Parents and Tags? Oldest Parents Flags 🙂 ❤

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