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OOP:TOFS (Continuing Progress)

Hi loved family ❤

Were you one of us who were excited about the start of “Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story” free rpg?

As you know I placed pause on putting time into finishing it because of my mental health.

This morning I have decided starting today I will continue developing the free rpg OOP:TOFS.

As I mentioned about it in the past, I am making it using the tool RPG Maker MV and most of the basics of the game and its story are done, what is left is the ending, and some features, such as completing certain assets such as item list, equipment, class skills, and placing the monsters into allocation.

Here are some screenshots. Click to enlarge.

I will try to post updates about the game’s development here on WLTOP.

To get direct updates about the development, and to download the game for PC when finished visit its profile on Game Jolt at the below link.

Click Here To Follow OOP:TOFS On Game Jolt

I started the game a little over a year ago and it has been on pause too long, I said to fans who liked the previews I wanted to finish it by the end of 2022 but couldn’t.

After the game has been fully completed and released for PC I will see if I can find a helpful contributor on the indie game developer resources such as forums etc., to help me take the RPG Maker MV files and convert them into useable Google Play files, so fans can play it on their smart phone.

The game will be free, advertisement free (Except WLTOP will have social media links on the games title) and will not contain a cash shop. These are my expectations. A part of designing this game was an idea that we could connect it and WLTOP bringing fans of each to the other.

I am doing this as a hobby and as a thank you gift to our Creators family, because I receive help with my health situation and I was raised and taught that even if I can’t contribute as much as other family members, I need to do as much as I can, and making this game in my spare time, is a good way to contribute.

A great note to make about OOP:TOFS is on the title menu it has a credits page, you can look at the 10s of people from the RPG Maker MV community who gave me coding, scripts, music, art, etc to place into the game using the tool.

Thanking them for the help, and them in doing it, making even what has been added to the game currently shows in the above screenshots that when I do finish the game, it will be a lot of fun.

Thats the news on OOP:TOFS guys, in our side menu you can also find the OOP:TOFS Twitter page and the Facebook page, subscribing to either, you can gain updates on the game using social media.

So today and tonight, I am going to start on it again.

Wish me luck.

❤ Creator and First Creation Free Adventure RPG ❤

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