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WLTOP Valentines Month Raffle

Happy Valentines Month Family ❤

Tonight, I did another in game raffle for players and this time it was using Rucoy Online.

Here to help you see a little more of the game, look at my characters screenshots.

I purchased 300 Diamonds which are cash currency, the players can use them for things like outfits, costumes, pets, offline training tools and time.

It is also possible to sell diamonds to other players and gain either a large number of coins or instead trade them to each other for equipment such as armors, jewelry, and weapons.

The idea was to do the raffle as normal, give away a prize to the first person to say, “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

I had planned to give away 100 diamonds each to 3 people for a totaling 300 diamonds.

Our first participant was happy to receive his 100 diamonds and questioned if he could invite his friend, I agreed, and he was our 2nd participant.

With 200 diamonds given away, our 2nd participant made a special request.

There was a specific costume he wanted to buy, and he needed more than 100 diamonds to purchase it, he asked if he could further participate to earn another 100 diamonds.

In basically all our raffles we have the WLTOP saying for the reward, but I decided it is Valentine’s month, were celebrating holidays, and it is about love, so I agreed to help him, and I needed to find a 2nd way for him to participate and “earn” the extra 100 diamonds.

The first idea that came to me was our WLTOP “Oldest Parent(s) Be My Savior” certificate.

I felt it was a pretty good idea and would help him and the Creator improve their friendship, so I told him to win 100 extra diamonds, to say “Oldest Parent Be My Savior”, he was happy to win his extra diamonds.

So, the Valentines Month 2023 WLTOP raffle was a success.

We made the participants happy and Google Play and Rucoy Online split a $3 donation.

If you haven’t played Rucoy Online, 100 Diamonds can get you starter premium costumes, it can get you 100s of thousands of gold coins, it can also be used to open merchant stalls I think 50 times 2 diamonds each which lets you sit in town as a shop and sell things to other players, which is very valuable and sought after.

I had fun with helping and based on response and the chat we had, they were appreciative of the gifts.

Here is a link below to the Rucoy Online website, the game is available on Mobile.

Click Here To Go To Rucoy Online

Have a great Valentines Month Family.

❤ Bringing A Little Love To Rucoy Online ❤

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