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Comments On The Oldest Improvements

Siblings, HAPPY VALENTINES MONTH ❤ You also Oldest.

Okay so in my last post I mentioned our new Grab art, and asked for viewers to get comfortable posting with us here on WLTOP more often.

I looked into our Word Press hosting panel and found two new exciting features I made changes to.

You now no longer are required to make an account to comment.

You can now use markdown coding in your comment to build it more to a custom level.

Dont know a lot or anything about markdown coding for improving your text in a comment?

It is like how emojis are made using font, except it is more of a coding style, click below link to read a little.

Click Here To See Mark Down Coding

Even if you don’t plan to use Mark Down codes to make your comment different, the new change that you viewers can now give comments with no longer being required to login will hopefully help us through our future gain more comments.

Surprise 🙂 I just made a third change, in the past, if you left a comment, I would have to manually approve it, we had an extra filter that if I approved your first comment, all comments that you made after that would automatically be approved.

To allow for many comments happening at a constant rate, you can now also enjoy automatic comment approval, I turned off the wait for my approval switch.

I am excited for these new changes, I wish you all have a good time with WLTOP, and remember, even for the people who havent heard of our club before, as a family, we are We Love The Oldest Parents.

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